Vito's Gourmet Pizza (SE 17th St)

At Vito's Gourmet Pizza, our tradition began with the Maffei and Simone families in Bari, Italy, over ninety years ago. Family and friends would come and enjoy the warm invitation of their dinner table. Each member of the family would contribute a special dish to the meal and at the center of the table was a large wooden bowl filled with fresh garden salad that was overflowed with color. These recipes and traditions have since been passed down for generations and are now the core of our menu for our customers to enjoy. Muse through our gourmet pizza selections which includes our ultimate pepperoni pizza named The Barioni and crowd favorite Shrimp and Chicken Pizza--crafted with Sliced chicken, shrimp, fresh mushrooms, roasted peppers, plum tomatoes, garlic and basil. Add a baked Italian pasta dinner and a side of wings to any order and bring home a meal the entire family can enjoy. Vito's Pizza is located on SE 17th St between Cordova Rd and 15th Ave., in the South Port Shopping Center, right next to Runners Depot. Order Vito's Gourmet Pizza Online today!


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